Team Strategy Workshop Facilitation

Building Strategy. Together.

Unlock the collective genius of your team with custom-designed workshops that create a safe space for everyone to contribute and build strategy together.

At Evolving Design, we believe that every team has undiscovered value, and our custom facilitation services are designed to help you unlock it, remove work silos and give everyone a voice. Using human-centric design principles, we design processes with you to identify challenges or barriers to your most ambitious goals and develop strategies to overcome challenges and develop solutions to them collaboratively as a team. Our innovative approach focuses on empowering your team and harnessing their skills to drive organisational success.

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What we do

Strategy and alignment workshops

Decision making is hard at the best of times. Having a clear strategy everyone can align on makes it easier.

Our 1 to 4 day strategy workshops are custom made for your team's needs but are structured in a way that ensures you walk away with clear next steps and a strategy that make decision-making easier for everyone in the team and wider organisation.

Help teams achieve ambitious goals

We design custom workshops based on your challenges and needs. Our process helps teams collaborate, problem solve and make decisions about how to achieve your ambitious goals. If you need to define them, we can help with that too...

Get in touch and lets unlock the value in your team to increase the value they offer. Let's build a strategy session right for your team.

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Tap into the creative talent of your whole team

Our free remote introduction workshop, the Lightning Decision Jam is a great way to turn meetings into workshops. Everyone contributes, everyone gets to choose the challenges you face and how to solve them.

What our clients say about us

Ben is presenting with part of the Google for Education logo showing behind him. It is below a large screen that says "Design Sprint" as a title and prototype and test below as a sub-heading above Ben's head

"We wanted to do something different to help our strategic customer in tech adoption, so we invited one of our customers to share some key challenges and Ben from Evolving Design developed such an impactful workshop where the whole team were able to engage with a key stakeholders from the customer, listening to them and working with them to develop tangible and personalised solutions

- Alexandra (Head of Google for Education, Northern Europe)

On the left there are rectangular yellow sticky notes with a variety of red and green sticky dots on them. The the right in line with each yellow sticky note are blue and pink square sticky notes. They have no sticky dots.

"Ben was meticulous during our preparatory collaborations. The time and effort he dedicated for these is a testament to him as an operator and an endorsement of what others employing him should expect. His approach to team building sessions and lateral thinking exercises was a cut above.

Needless to say, we would return to Ben again in the future."

- Margo (Founder, proSapient)

Large pieces of paper have been stuck on a panelled wall to form a timeline where people are placing sticky notes on to it.
A capital B with a semi circle to the bottom right

"Ben and Liz (co-facilitator) form a powerful team. They helped our leadership group gain alignment around a compelling vision, while also identifying actionable steps to improve collaboration and strategic execution. Their insights and process-driven approach make them the ideal facilitators for any organization seeking to elevate its leadership capabilities."

- Pete (CEO, Beyond)


Achieve ambitious goals

with expert facilitation to help your team collaborate, problem solve and achieve ambitious goals

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Meet Ben.

The founder of Evolving Design, Ben is dedicated to facilitating teams to grow better businesses with effective collaboration. Ben started Evolving Design in 2018 to bring human-centred design skills to teams who do not have easy access to design agencies and teams. Ben built up his skills through education and training, where facilitating a group of 30, 15 year olds to learn maths made him resilient and adaptable. Supporting leaders to facilitate change in their organisation has developed his wider expertise to bring this all together to help teams solve big challenges with facilitated workshops.

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